Monday, September 15, 2008

Scheduling a Workshop

Our Green Training Faculty: 

Marc Dreyfors, MS, director of Carolina Biodiesel and the Forest Foundation, is an Environmental Educator and a board member of Environmental Educators of North Carolina. He received a Masters degree from Duke's Nicholas School of the Environment, and has over a decade's experience in fair trade, biofuels and green transit. 

Sandy Smith-Nonini, Ph.D., is a research assistant professor of anthropology at UNC-Chapel Hill, who previously taught anthropology at Elon University for 5 years. She teaches courses on environmental activism and sustainable development, and participated in a 2006-07 research project, funded by the UNC business school on solar hot water for NC homeowners.

Anthony Watts, BA, Communications (UNC) -- Green Energy Consultant and experienced carpenter, with experience in plumbing, electrical and solar technology. Anthony was a research associate on the above UNC solar project.  

We draw on a number of local experts as guest speakers.

Mentoring: No charge – must be projects that we have agreed to sponsor.
Standard Workshops: $60 -groups of 15 or less; or $4/student, up to 30 max.
Intensive workshops: $85 -groups of 15 or less, or $5.50/student up to 30 max.
Mobile workshops: We can do presentations at your site of choice within the Triangle area for the above (3-hour) rate, plus a travel charge ($25, Durham; $35 Chapel Hill/Raleigh), contingent on availability of personnel. Likewise, we can bring your students to our site using biofuel-powered vans or buses.
Hydration/Nutrition (on-site events):
* Optional refreshments: cold drinks and healthy snack, $1.80 person for 12 or under; $1.50/person for larger groups. (recommended for longer workshops)
* Optional healthy lunch w/ drinks: $10 per person (local food, as seasonally available, catered by 9th Street Bakery)
Note: At present CommunEcos and the Forest Foundation are staffed by volunteer labor. But we do have to pay rent, buy equipment, supplies, & fuel and we aspire towards paid staff. Our goal is to pool community skills and knowledge to build a facility and network that serves the public as we transition to a more sustainable society. We need your participation and generosity to offer these programs. All proceeds from educational events and fundraising activities go back into the non-profit – to improve our space and deepen our capacity for education and outreach projects.

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