Monday, September 15, 2008

Our campus

NOTE: In March 2011 we moved our workshop to 2811 Hillsborough Rd. where we opened a combination retail and environmental education space in late May. See photo and description on the Recyclique page of this website.
From May 2009 until March 2011 our workshop space was on the Green Oil and Light (GOAL) Campus (on S. Goley St., just off Angier Ave). We held three volunteer work days in fall 09 to insulate the Recyclique workshop (many thanks to Travis Cohn, Don Nonini, Susan O'Neil & the Durham Tech Brownsfield course grads for their help). And in July 2010 Anthony Watts helped us extend an HVAC duct into the space for AC and heat (so civilized!).

YIKES!'s Recyclique project shared space with GreenWay Transit &
Biodiesel on the GOAL Campus, which offers green job training and serves as an incubator for new sustainable enterprises.

A pre-May 2009 retrospective:
The EcoLounge (see photo below) was our old “environmental learning lab” and community space, from Aug. 2007 to May 2009.  This was a large day-lit warehouse space, in a building shared with Carolina Biofuels at 1404 Angier Ave. This first "Green Oil Campus" was featured in the Independent Weekly's Earth Day 2009 Green Living Issue: French Fries in your Tank.

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