Saturday, October 23, 2010

UNC Campus Organizing

The UNC team sponsored an Upcycling Contest during the month of November --called The Re-hashed Trash Bash.  The awards "bash" was held on campus, the evening of Thurs. Dec. 2, w/  enviro- education speakers, healthy food, and an awards ceremony. (see Recyclique (home) page for details on winners and the event).  The contest had categories for art and useful products, and a $100 top prize It was open to high school students, university and the wider community -- entries had to be made of at least 85% waste or recycled materials. 

In fall 2010 about a dozen UNC service learning students (from two classes) and other volunteers worked w/ Anthropology Professor Sandy Smith-Nonini to develop on-campus projects with the goal of building a student chapter of YIKES! Our first project was to lend support to the Carrboro-Chapel Hill Transitions Town group in planning and hosting a Energy & Community Resilience Fair for the afternoon of Oct 10 --(one of many 10-10-10 events nationally in coordination with the campaign to stop climate change.) 

Other student activities in 2010-11:

Max Rice and Elizabeth Lee built educational displays on Humanure and plastics recycling, respectively, for the April 9, 2011 Earth Action Day in Chapel Hill and for the NightLite Earth Week celebrations.  

Allison Rackley worked with us to improve our social networking, including updating our Facebook page, a new Twitter account, linking both to the website, and upgrading the website. 

Dan Kennedy and Lauren Stewart and Derrick Bennett assisted with organizing "slow money" (alternative finance) educational meetings in Durham, in collaboration with the Black, Brown Green Alliance.

Katie Lubinsky worked on editing the biodiesel film footage. 
Alex Lowrie continued to lend her leadership energy in pulling together a fall 2010 campus agenda.  Max Rice was our "internal communications czar" who kept the planning for the Bash on track.  And special thanks to Alicia Thompson, for her work to secure a $500 donation from an anonymous business sponsor to support the student work!!  Other students involved included McKenzie Biddiz, Hannah Phipps, John Munoz, Laurel Loeblein, Christina Grose, Whitney Deedmeyer, Meghan Robbins and Rachel Beard. 

In spring 2010 we worked with a UNC Communications service learning class taught by Jessica Fifield, whose students helped us by creating new brochures, signs, slides on water conservation, a rolling paint kit, organizing on campus, conducting workships and other projects! We laid groundwork for organization ongoing YIKES activities at UNC this fall.

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